Message from Administrator's desk

Dear Parents and Students,

History is created by those who have the light of knowledge, the power of expression and an outstanding personality which shines brightly like the sun.

We at Know & Grow strive to inculcate these qualities in our students with the support of the parents who have trusted us with the significant task of nurturing their dear children.

Our Pathshala motto

"Education builds a child’s future, but virtues build a child’s character."

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that instills the foundational values in children to make them humble, thoughtful and compassionate human beings of tomorrow. The programme uses modern technology and fun learning methodologies to help children learn the essence of Bhagwan Mahavir’s Siddhant.

Our dedicated, sincere and highly qualified mentors works together as a strong team to support us in our goals.

So, I sign off with the promise of more laurels, landmarks and great legacies of success....

Jital Gada

Borivali Mumbai